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TravelSafe NO LONGER SERVICE Mildure area for baby capsule hire, we NO LONGER SERVICE Mildure area for Baby car Seat Hire and NO LONGER SERVICE Mildura for car seat fitting, please see other local companies

Saving you Money

When you purchase your baby equipment, it is an expensive exercise, however when you hire baby equipment, you free up cash for other expenses; such as getting the baby nursery ready.

We understand this and want you start to parenthood; to be easier with our re-use and re-cycle policy. You can keep your baby safe, by hiring baby capsules and car seats, on a low monthly cost starting from as little as $20 per month hire. When you hire a car seat or capsule from Travelsafe; you do not need to worry if you bought the correct seat. Travelsafe only select the best and safest seats for your child.

Our knowledge and experience help to keep you informed with our detailed video library, should you have any questions.

For less than the cost of a Capsule you can save in excess $400(based on rrp) when you hire from TravelSafe Baby capsule hire and car seat hire in Mildura.

Maxi Cosi Mico Plus Capsule Hire

Hiring a baby capsule, helps you as a mum, as it allows you to continue to keep your appointments while bubs sleeps. The ability to take the capsule out of the car and carry the capsule or attach it to a pram means you do not disturb bubs when your baby is sleeping. allowing you and bubs to be more rested.

TravelSafe can provide a 6 month hire from just $30 per month.

The extended SPF50 canopy comes down to cover bubs and protect your child, when taking a walk, with ample ventilation for your child. This combined with the Cool Baby Fabric (Bamboo woven into the fabric) will keep you child protected from the sun and cool in summer.

The Maxi Cosi Travel systems has remain unchanged for over 10 years; meaning that the later capsules will still fit onto your old pram using the same old adapters that you used 10 years ago. Top this off with a capsule that is light weight and airline approved and you are on a winner to support you into parenthood.

Baby Car seat hire in Mildura

Travel Safe Capsule and Car seat hire, can supply long term baby car seat hire in Mildura for as little as $30 per month on a 6 month hire, reducing to just $25 per month on a 12 month contract. Travelsafe only have quality Infa Secure Car Seats offering the highest safety protection with the Air Cocoon Technology, normally only offered on top of the range models.

Infa Secure car seats come with the safe grip clamp, making the installation of the car seat, in many cases easier than isofix installation. Extended rear facing allows you to keep your child rear facing longer than 12 months and when combined with an easy adjust harness it makes it easy to keep your child comfortable and safe

Capsule and Car seat Hire in Mildura

Enjoy the best of both worlds, combining capsule hire and baby car seat hire together; helping bubs to sleep better and allowing you to get all your jobs done. TravelSafe can provide a 12 month combo hire from just $30 per month and a 18 month hire from just $26 per month.

After the 12 or 18 month hire period, bubs should be approaching the point when they can be turned around. We will call you to discuss how bubs is progressing, discuss your lifestyles and recommend the last baby car seat your child will need.

When should you book your Capsule Hire

You should book your baby capsule hire as early as possible. It is recommended to book your baby capsule at least 6 weeks before your due date, this allows Travel Safe to secure a suitable baby capsule for you and deliver 2 weeks prior to due date. When you book your baby capsule hire less than 4 weeks prior to the birth, it is not always possible to guarantee that there will be sufficient stock.

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For less than the cost of a Capsule you can save in excess $400(based on rrp) when you hire from travel safe Baby capsule hire and car seat hire in Mildura. Re-use……Re-Cycle less plastic being used.


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