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Capsule Hire for vacation, short term or Long term (6 months or longer). Travel Safe baby Capsule hire have the solution and best hire rates in Melbourne.

At Travel Safe we only hire the best capsules; need Britax Unity capsule hire, Maxi Cosi Mico ap capsule for hire and now we have the Mico plus capsule for hire in Melbourne.

Need Capsule hire for friends visiting on a vacation. Perhaps You did not have time to organise a capsule before your child arrive, Hospital capsule hire is the Answer

which maxi cosi capsule-capsule to hire
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Which Maxi Cosi Capsule

The question is Which maxi cosi capsule to hire? There are many a number of maxi cosi capsule which have been released in the last 5 years. Some of these include the Maxi cosi mico ap, the maxi cosi mico limited edition and the maxi cosi mico plus. The maxi cosi citi and the maxi cosi titan are not recommended due to either design or safety issues

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Maxi-cosi mico plus hire 6month only $185
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Mico Limited Edition Capsule Hire

Hiring a Maxi Cosi Mico Limited Edition capsule is the easiest way to get you and your new baby home from the hospital safely. The Maxi Cosi Mico Limited edition Capsule is an easy to use capsule; which can be unclipped from the base with ease. Baby Capsule hire in Melbourne have the experience to make your capsule hire easy and informative.

Many parents are finding they only use a capsule for 4 months not the 6 months which most other baby shops hire capsules out for. When you need to use the maxi cosi mico Limited Edition capsule longer than 4 months; the hire rate is only $10 per week.

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