Car Seat fitting Cost

How much is Car Seat fitting

Melbourne is divided into a number of different service areas, Local, Normal and no service. The car seat fitting service area is different to the baby capsule hire service area. The cost for a single car seat fitting varies for each different service area however discounts apply to two or car seat installations.

What is the Cost – Bayside

  • $45 1 Baby car Seat / Booster fitting (excluding parts)
  • $90 for 2 or more baby car seats / Booster fittings (excluding parts)

For the first installation the installation cost is just $45, within the car seat service area. Travel Safe explain and demonstrate to you how the car seat / capsule works, and allow you the opportunity to experience how the baby seat / capsule works. Provide you with a ACRI certificate of Installation as well as a safety check list.

Car seat fitting cost includes:

  1. Full explanation and demonstration for each child restraint/booster fitted
  2. Each installation will be setup and adjusted for your child
  3. Installation Certificate given for all fittings.

What are your hours of Operation

The hours of operation for the car seat fitting service is as follows Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5pm

  • Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm,
  • Saturday – closed
  • Sunday – closed
  • Public Holiday – closed

Car seat fitting Accessories

The following accessories are available :

  • Gated buckle
  • 100 mm extension
  • 300 mm extension
  • 600mm extension
  • Variable extension (200 to 900 mm)

When will you not fit a car seat

Should there be an instance where we are called out and it it is not possible to fit the child restraint due to one of the reasons below; then there will be a callout fee of $30

  • Illegal seat (Date of manufacture prior to 2004)
  • Non approved baby car seat (illegal import, does not have correct standard sticker)
  • Wanting to turn a baby around before 12 months of age and the child has not reach the turn around marker
  • The child restraint has a date of manufacture over 10 years of age
  • The child restraint has been involved in an accident
  • The webbing is frayed or another part of the seat is damaged