Understanding Isofix FAQ

Confused need help in understanding isofix, read on. Go into any car yard and the sales person will tell you that the car has isofix and that it is the safest way to install a baby car seat in melbourne. However it needs to be remembered that just because you have an isofix does not mean that the istallation will be secure. If you have any doubt about installing a isofix baby car seat contact ACRI accredited. Mobile car seat fitting experts on 0420 516 587

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understanding isofix
The Australian/New Zealand Standard for child restraints (AS/NZS 1754) has been amended to allow child restraint manufacturers to include (ISOFIX compatible) lower attachment connectors to rearward and forward facing child restraints.

The lower attachment connectors on the Baby Car Seat can either be a pair of rigid or flexible connectors. The lower attachment connectors are incorporated into the baby car seat design at the time of manufacture and connect to the vehicle’s ISOFIX low anchorages. Note: Not all vehicles are fitted with ISOFIX anchorages.

For More information on ISOFIX please consult our article “Understanding ISOFIX”

Can I put my isofix car seat in the middle position ?

Very few car have three pairs of isofix connectors. Car which have three pairs of isofix are later versions of Holden commodore, Chrysler and the the latest Audi Q7.

All other cars have only two pair of isofix connectors; meaning the isofix car seats can only be put behind the driver or passenger.

Is ISOFIX Safer ?

The key to understanding isofix to to realise Isofix is just another way to secure your child restraint into the car. Isofix was created in a partnership between Britax and Volkswagon to help eliminate mistakes made by parents installing child restraints.

It is only safer as parents are making less mistakes. The attachment system is not inherently safer.

Do I need to use the tether strap with ISOFIX ?

Isofix can only be used on baby car seats that have an exit height marker equivalent to 4 years of age. The Tether strap must always be used whether it is an isofix installation or a seat belt installation.

Can I install my isofix seat

Parents and carers have always been allowed to install the baby car seats; however not all isofix systems are equal or easy to use. Fact some isofix systems are not as effective as others. If in doubt contact baby car seat fitters in melbourne 0420 516 587

What is the best isofix system on baby car seats

Britax along with Volkswagon are the creators of the isofix system of installing baby car seats into cars. Britax have been designing baby car seats withh isofix since 1997 and all accredited fitters will tell you britax isofix systems WORK.

There are 4 manufacturers which produce Isofix baby car seats / Capsules.

Infa Secure produce one car seat which has isofix. Infa Secure incorporate a Safe Grip Clamp which is safer and more reliable than Isofix. Maxi Cosi Produce a number of Isofix car seats as well as a 2 Capsules.

The Maxi Cosi car seat isofix buckles are too large and the connecting webbing too long additionally the stabilising bar is at a incorrect angle, meaning that in the majority of the cars the isofix installation will not be as secure as a seat belt installation. The only maxi cosi capsule which fully supports isofix is the Maxi cosi Mico Plus capsule.

Update : Maxi cosi have finally released a car seat where the isofix connectors are correctly position to provide a secure installatiton; the seat is the Vita Pro from maxi cosi.

Britax are the creators of isofix and have more experience than any other manufacturer. The Britax isofix baby car seats work and are easier to install than any other manufacturer car seats. The footprint of the seats is narrow allowing the isofix connectors to click in easier.

There are 4 manufacturers which produce Isofix baby car seats / Capsules.

The Maxi Cosi Mico AP capsule isofix buckles are too large and the connecting webbing too long, causing it to be not as secure as the britax isofix connection. Belatedly maxi cosi have released the mico plus capsule which fix the isofix issues of the mico ap. If you need isofix on a Maxi Cosi Capsule, you need to purchase the mico plus capsule as the Mico Ap is a loose installation.

Britax are the creators of isofix and have more experience than any other manufacturer. The Britax isofix Capsule is easy to install. The unity is an A2 capsule and can be heavy to carry a child in.

Many families purchase the Nuna Pippa Klik capsule as the Crep report indicates it is the safest capsule on the market. The design of the Nuna Pippa Kilk is flawed using rigid isofix connectors, where the isofix connectors are meant to be 6 to 7 cm submerged below the seat; however most isofix points are at seat level. This causes the seat to rebound significantly, making isofix installation dangerous. The Nuna Pippa Klik must be installed using the seat belt.

The Mountain Buggy Protect Capsule uses a flexible isofix connection as well as an internal locking clamp. The Isofix connectors are easy to attach to the isofix points. The release mechanism is easy to activate.