isofix capsule hire

Isofix Capsule hire is not the first thing that you think about when hiring a baby capsule; and In many cases the capsule base will stay locked in place. Isofix is the best solution; when the car is used, for work purposes.

In these circumstances the only solution is a good isofix capsule for easier insallation, enabling adults to re-use the position where the capsule is located.

Why use Isofix

It is easier to connect ,and install the baby capsule; when the isofix system, is designed correctly. When seat belt installation method is used; the locking clip needs to be taken off; before it can be by another passenger.

Best Isofix Capsule hire

Nuna Pipa Kilk

The nuna pippa klik is not recommended; when looking for an isofix capsule hire; as it uses rigid isofix; where the attachment point needs to be 5 cm from the seat. The installation will be loose and dangerous; when your isofix points are not deeply recessed.

Maxi Cosi Mico AP

The isofix version of the Maxi Cosi Mico Ap; is not recommended; if you are looking for isofix capsule hire. The Mico Ap is not recommended; as the buckle on the flexible isofix system is too large; and it is not possible to tighten the flexible connection sufficiently; resulting in an unsafe installation. The only safe installation is the seat belt installation method.

Maxi Cosi Mico Plus

The Maxi Cosi Mico Plus; is highly recommended for isofix capsule hire. The Mico Plus; is similar in style, to the Mico Ap, but has smaller isofix connections; a smaller buckle with a easy to clean covers. The Isofix installation is easy. The capsule foot adjust is positioned such that many parents accidently release the foot adjuster, potentially loosening the installation of the capsule.

Britax Unity

The Britax Unity capsule is an A2 capsule; meaning that it can be used; for up to 12 months of age. The Britax unity capsule; is ;recommended for Isofix capsule hire. The ease of attaching the clips the adjustable foot and the ease of which the isofix can be tightened, make the britax a great capsule.

Baby Jogger

The Baby Jogger capsule; is recommended for isofix capsule hire. The baby jogger capsule will only fit only a baby jogger pram. The isofix installation is easy, however the installation method should not be your sole selection criteria.


At Baby capsule hire in Melbourne; our recommendation for Isofix capsule hire; is the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus. The Maxi Cosi Mico Plus has a very versatile adaptor system; thereby allowing the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus to fit on the majority of the prams. Always make sure that you use a certified ACRI baby car seat installer.