Migrating to Australia

Planning your Dream

Migrating to australia is easier with Travel Safe car Seat and Capsule hire, experienced in fitting baby car seats with over 15,000 installations performed. At Travel Safe, we know and understand the rules and regulations to keep your children safe when travellings in the car, helping your migration to Australia.

Migrating to Australian the Car Seat Safety Standards

When migrating to australia, it is important to understand; there are australian Safety standard relating to baby car seats and baby capsules. The Australian standards are the highest standards in the world keeping your children safe; when travelling in cars.  

It is not possible to bring your baby car seat to Australia unless the baby car seats has an Australian Standard (designated by the 5 ticks) label on the car seat.

The last Australian Standard was passed in september 2014, and introduced extended rear facing of child restraints to an average of 30 months and extended harnessing, keeping children in a 6 point harness until they are 7+ years of age.

The previous Australian Standard designated as the 2010 standard, saw the change from a weight and age based child restraints to a height based child restraints. 

Car Seat Laws in Australia

The laws in Australia are easy to understand

  • newborn to 6 months of age – your child must be rear facing
  • 6 months of age to 4 years of age – you child must be rear of forward facing
  • 4 years of age to 7 years of age – your child must be in a forward facing child restraint; or in a booster seat (meeting the minimum height requirements)

Departing for Australia

Your flights are booked and your belongings are being shipped to Australia. Travel Safe through our close relationships with independent baby stores; can help you organise everything, from baby capsule hire to the purchasing of a cot or pram.