MicoAP vs mico-plus capsule hire

The Maxi Cosi Mico Plus is the replacement capsule for the maxi cosi Mico Ap.

At first glace the Mico “+” capsule looks identical to the Maxi Cosi MIco ap; utilising a the same base and appears to be the same capsule in design


A closer look reveals that the isofix connections have been re-designed, so that the tension indicator for the mico plus capsule is on the base, and not on the buckle. This repositioning mean it is easier to seen when you have a solid green tension indicator.

On the Maxi Cosi Mico Ap, it was never possible to get a secure installation due to a number of design issues. On the Mico Plus capsule; the isofix buckle has been redesigned so that it is smaller and allows correct nsioning of the isofix system.


Due to the redesign of the Isofix system on the mico plus; it is recommended to only use isofix as the installation method. When your car does not have isofix points; ot is recommended to hire the maxi cosi mico AP as the installation is done by a accredited and professionnal ACRI baby car seat installer


The next change that is noticed is the change of fabric; from devoted black to a easy to clean fabric which has incorporated wicking, in order to keep your baby cooler as it draws moisture away from your baby’s skin, keeping baby cool and comfortable.

The sun canopy on the maxi cosi mico plus is now extended; so that it will cover most of the capsule protecting your child with spf 50+ fabric

Harness Holders

Lastly the Mico plus capsule includes innovative Magnetic harness holders and Easy Out harness pads to always ensure that your harness straps are out of the way when placing baby in and out of the baby capsule. All this goe towards

Mico Plus summary

Should you not have isofix in your car consider the Maxi Cosi Mico AP as the capsule of choice. Better yet consider hiring the Baby Capsule. When isofix is the installation method of choice then the mico “+” capsule is an easy installation/ However do not go to the cost of buying tthe Mico plus, hiring the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus, starts at $140 for 4 months and $170 for 6 months