Mobile Car Seat Fitting

Travel Safe in Melbourne offer accredited mobile car seat fitting in Melbourne along the bayside and south east suburbs.

At Travel Safe, we know how busy you are; preparing for the birth of your child; there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. After your child is born; there is even less time to get all the tasks done even with a very understanding and supportive partner.

Simply click the button below and select the Mobile child restraint fitting service.

We offer timely appointments for our mobile car seat fitting and installation service. We never cut corners, and strive to offer you the safest baby car seat fitting.

Accredited car seat Fitting Service

Unlike a trained garage mechanic/ motoring organisation, Travel Safe car seat fitters are ACRI Professional child restraint technicians; we only install baby car seats and capsules as their profession; this does not include changing your car fuel filter or tuning your car.

The baby car seat governing body (ACRI) of the car seat fitting industry has trained and accredited all our car seat fitting experts. The ACRI conducted our initial training and audit us every year. All this means you are in safe hands.

We are passionate about child restraint fitting; and always take you through how the child restraint works; and types of issues which may experience and how to overcome those issues.

What is mobile car seat fitting cost

Melbourne is divided into a number of different service areas, Local, Normal and extended. The cost for a single car seat fitting varies for each different service area however discounts apply to two or car seat installations.

Travel Safe have a full compliment of Car Seat Fitting accessories such as a Delux Car seat Protector, which is better than the soft foam so called car seat protectors, a mirror which you can use and not need to put a towell behind it to hold it in place.

Have you just bought a new car or updated your family car, we can meet you at the dealership at a specific time and have your car seats installed by the time you have completed the paper work. Our Delux Scuff matt will protect the back of your seats from young children shoes and with a quality look.

Do you do Family Day Care Checks

At Travel Safe we are ACRI accredited car seat fitters, amd are experienced in checking your family day care centre (FDC) child restraints. Travel Safe work closely with Glen Eira, Kingston and Casey Council Family day centres.

The Cost to check 4 car seats for a family day care centre is $50. This does not include the cost of any parts and does not include re-installation. Please ensure you have all your paper work near and the car seat identities ready and available. I will show you how to maintain your baby car seats and make recommendations for new car seats.

Your Car Seat Fitting questions answered

REMEMBER – The only stupid questions are the ones that you do not ask. If you are feeling a little confused with all the information overload, please ask.

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