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Need Experienced baby capsule fitting for your capsule hire? near me in Melbourne; locals reach out to Travel Safe Baby Capsule Hire for help – just dial  Anthony on 0466 997 233 to book your appointment.

When you call Travelsafe, you get honest advice from an experienced child safety technician, who will help you understand which baby capsule is best suited to you and your circumstances.

Do not risk it with a New Franchise owner, Travelsafe are local business owners, we ensure a safe and secure car seat fitting, including; Booster seats, Rear facing seats, Toddler seats and Capsules.

The question is Which maxi cosi capsule to hire? There are many a number of Maxi Cosi capsules; which have been released in the last 5 years. At Baby Capsule Hire in Melbourne; we understand the flaws in each and every capsule from talking to parents. The best capsules include the Maxi Cosi Mico AP, the Maxi Cosi Mico limited edition and the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus. The Maxi Cosi Citi and the Maxi Cosi Titan are not recommended due to either design or safety issues

Hiring a Maxi Cosi Mico Plus capsule is the easiest way to get you and your new baby home from the hospital safely. The Maxi Cosi Mico Plus Capsule is an easy to use capsule; which can be unclipped from the base with ease. Baby Capsule hire in Melbourne have the experience to make your capsule hire easy and informative.

Adaptor system

Maxi Cosi have designed an efficient adaptor system; which allows the Maxi Cosi capsule to be used as a travel system and connect to the majority of the prams on the market. The exceptions to the rule; is the Maxi Cosi Citi which is narrower and may cause problems when trying to put it onto a pram.

Installation (Maxi Cosi Capsule)

When you hire a Maxi Cosi Capsule from Travel Safe capsule hire, our team members are experienced and ACRI accredited and will install the Capsule for you at no additional cost. All out team members do this as a full time job and understand every approved capsule that Travel Safe hire and will demonstrate how the capsule works; helping you on your journey into parenthood.

Isofix is recommended when you know that either yourself or your partner will be taking the base in and out of the car.

As explained in our understanding isofix blog post, Many parents prefer the security of the isofix system, allowing them to refit should someone accidentally release the capsule base.

Capsule Hire Cost

Mico AP Hire Cost

  • non Isofix
  • 3 Month capsule hire – $100
  • 4 Month capsule hire – $120
  • 6 Month capsule hire – $140

Mico Plus Capsule

  • non Isofix
  • 3 Month capsule hire – $120
  • 4 Month capsule hire – $140
  • 6 Month capsule hire – $160

Mico Plus Capsule isofix

  • Isofix
  • 3 Month capsule hire – $140
  • 4 Month capsule hire – $160
  • 6 Month capsule hire – $180

Maxi Cosi Mico Plus Capsule Features

  1. The Cover of the Mico Plus, an easy to clean fabric incorporating wicking, to keep your baby cooler
  2. Magnetic Harness holders to ensure that the harness straps are out of the way when placing baby in and out of the baby capsule.
  3. The extended canopy on the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus; extends all they way down to the capsule with magnetic holders to keep it in place. The extended canopy has 2 side vents and 1 rear vent (with a cover) to help keep positive fresh air for your child, where as the Canopy of the Mico AP only goes to the handle and is a cloth fabric,

When should you book your Capsule Hire

You should book your baby capsule hire as early as 6 weeks before your due date, this allows Travel Safe to secure a suitable baby capsule for you and deliver and install the baby capsule 2 weeks prior to due date.

Not Recommended

The Maxi Cosi Citi is not recommended due to the following reason 1/ it scored a 1 star from the CREP report, 2/ it is only suited for cars which have a flat seat and the cars seat is not reclined.

The Maxi Cosi Titan capsule is no longer recommended due to the base design. The lever to release the capsule from the base is just above the foot release lever causing many families to accidentally uninstall the base. Second; after 4 years of solid use the springs in the base weaken and you may not fully lock the capsule to the base. This is a dangerous situation and should be avoided.

The Maxi Cosi 12LX capsule is designed for newborn to 12 months of age, with provision for low birth weight babies. For most mother, they find it difficult to carry haby in a capsule past 6 months with the average mother using a capsule for only 5 to 5.5 months. As such families are better off with a capsule only going to 6 months.

The Maxi Cosi Mico 6 is a cut down version of the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus where the Mico 6 does not have an extended canopy. The extended canopy is of enormous benefit in Summer and sunny days when you go out walking.

Hence NONE of these seats are included in our fleet of capsules



We Recommend the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus Capsule, regardless of whether you require isofix or Seat Belt Installation.  Consider hiring the Baby Capsule, when you do not require the extended canopy; or isofix is not an important factor; consider Maxi Cosi Capsule Hire.

When you hire a Maxi Cosi capsule from Travel Safe baby caspule hire in Melbourne, you get ACRI fully accredited installation from a certified installer who has at least 5000 installations. Anthony the founder of Travel Safe baby capsule installation has in excess of 14000 installation; having started as a dedicated baby car seat installer (in 2012).

Read about our Process here

Pram Compatibility

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Bugaboo (Bee, Buffalo, Chameleon, Donkey, Gekko & Frog)
Quinny (Buzz 4, Xtra & Zaap)
iCandy (Peach, Pear & Peach Blossom)
Mamas & Papas (Sola & Urbo)
Maxi-Cosi (Elea & Mila)
Baby Jogger (City Elite, City Versa, City Summit, City Select, City Mini & FIT)
Mountain buggy (Cosmopolitan, Mini, Urban jungle, Terrain, Swift, +1)
Mountain Buggy Duet
Phil & Ted (Hammerhead, Classic, Explorer, Dot, Navigator, Sport & Dash)
Valco (Lattitude, ion for 2, Rebel Q, Matrix, Trimode & Trimode duo, Zee)
Stokke Xplory
Surf Silver Cross
Silver Cross Pioneer 2015 model
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Uppababy Vista, Cruz

Find out more about hiring a Maxi Cosi Mico Plus Capsule call Baby Capsule Hire on 04 6699 7233

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