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Car seat Safety is more than ensuring your child restraint is correctly installed. More importantly; car seat safety requires; you know how to make adjustments to keep your child safe. Call ACRI Professional car seat fitters they understand all these issues

Australian Car Seat Standards
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Australian Car Seat Standards – Improvemennts

Australian Standard 2010 The Release of AS/NZ 1754:2010; was the first update since the creation of the Australian Car Seat Standard in 2004 titled AS/NZ 1754L2004. The 2004 edition of the Australian Standard was an age/ weight based standard. This has many problems associated with it; for starters each child grows at a different rate; and weight is not a good indicator or core strength and stable neck muscles. This is where the 2010 standard moves away from the age/weight based system; and introduces the torso length measurement / should…

car seat laws and best practices
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Car Seat Laws and Best Practice (Au Standards)

Victorian State Laws In 2009 the state car seat laws around australia were updated to reflect amongst other things, child safety seats and set a minimum nationally. The appropriate section is included below RULE 266 subrule 2 through to subrule 4E, with subrule 5 delaing with exemptions. It must be remembered these are minimum standards and do not represent the best practices. Best Practices are defined by the Australian Standards AS/NZ 1754:2013.

Crep report car seat safety
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The Crep Report

Should you really user the CREP report as the sole basis for you baby car seat purchase Read Why you should not read the CREP report