maxi cosi capsule hire
Monthly capsule hire by travelsafe

Maxi Cosi Capsule hire is easy at Travel Safe; Just book the capsule hire at lease 4 weeks before you need the baby capsule installed, to ensure that we can provide you with the capsule that you need. Booking your Maxi Cosi capsule hire last minute may result in not being able to supply you withthe capsule you require due to high demands

Professional Installation: Gain peace of mind with our experienced professionals handling the installation process. Your capsule will be expertly fitted to ensure the highest safety standards for your little one.

Selecting your Capsule - Step 1

There are a number of baby capsules on the market, some families go on fashion others on recommendations but the Choice of capsule is directly related to the Pram you have selected. , In the majority of cases it comes down to a maxi cosi capsule hire decision

Please check the following webpages to see which Capsule you need

Maxi Cosi Pram Compatibility


Select Your Hire Period - Step 2

TravelSafe offer the following hire periods for baby capsule hire

  • 1 Month – then pay Month by Month
  • 3 Months – extend on a Monthly Basis
  • 4 Months – extend on a Monthly basis
  • 6 Months – extend as needed

Select Installation Date - Step 3

To make your transition into motherhood smoother, we highly recommend acquiring the Maxi Cosi Capsule (Isofix) around 37 weeks into your pregnancy. Ensure to pre-book this essential item at least four weeks in advance with payment to secure its availability for your precious cargo.

We prioritize your child’s safety. Rest assured, both Isofix and the seat belt installation methods are safe and effective. We are committed to finding the best fit for your specific car model to ensure maximum safety for your child.

Step 4 - Secure Your Purchase:

Pre-book to secure your Maxi Cosi Capsule (Isofix) and ensure its availability. This will also provide peace of mind, knowing you are well-prepared for your baby’s arrival.

Maxi Cosi Capsule Experience: The Maxi Cosi Capsule (Isofix) experience not only includes the Maxi Cosi capsule but also experienced installation and a thorough demonstration of its use, from how to loosen and tighten the harness to common problems you may experience, We are experienced at ensuring you feel confident and comfortable on your parenting journey.

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