Capsule Hire

Capsule Hire for vacation, short term or Long term (6 months or longer). Travel Safe baby Capsule hire have the solution and best hire rates in Melbourne.

At Travel Safe we only hire the best capsules; need Britax Unity capsule hire, Maxi Cosi Mico ap capsule for hire and now we have the Mico plus capsule for hire in Melbourne.

Need Capsule hire for friends visiting on a vacation. Perhaps You did not have time to organise a capsule before your child arrive, Hospital capsule hire is the Answer

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Isofix Capsule Hire

Considering isofix capsule hire discover which is the best capsule wiith isofix for easier installation and removal. Travel Safe have the best capsule hire

best baby capsules 2023
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What is the Best Baby Capsule (2023)

The best baby capsule on the market is one that is easy to use, that will fit your lifestyle easily and can be installed easily into your car. However there are many baby capsule brands on the market designed with their own prams and travel system. When ever a new pram is created then either a new capsule is designed or adapters are made to fit a specific capsule. The two most popular capsule to be adapted are the Britax Unity Capsule and the Maxi Cosi capsules (Mico Ap and…

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Mico AP Isofix Capsule Hire

Maxi Cosi Mico Ap Isofix capsule – is it worth the additional cost to get the isofix is the maxi cosi mico ap safer than the isofix version Learn more

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Council Baby Capsule Hire

Council Baby Capsule Hire is possible with Travel Safe Baby Capsule hire in Melbourne. At present we cover the following councils   Monash Council Capsule Hire Kingston Council Capsule Hire Casey Council Capsule Hire Stonnington Council Capsule Hire Glen Eira Capsule Hire Bayside Capsule Hire Port Phillip Capsule Hire If you are working for one of these councils in the area of Family Day Care and/or Family services please contact Travel Safe Baby Capsule Hire to discuss the rates for your council and alignment of Travel safe as your preferred…